Thursday, 10 September 2015

Great to be back...even though it means summer's over

Summer's over, such as it was here in Belfast boohoo, and we met for the first time last Saturday. It was good to be back and we're excited to be continuing with Bee Blessed. Sewing is such fun but sewing with like-minded people takes it to a whole new level, so if you're in the area or not too far away why not give it a try!!!  We meet monthly in Christian Fellowship Church, Belfast and our contact details are here .

It was a day of putting the finishing touches to these beauties before they go off to their new homes, as well as familiarising ourselves with the things we've ignored until now...until now we just turned up to sew and left the nitty-gritty to Sarah and Judith.  

Here are the beauties...

Double Four Patch Quilt

 Strip Step Quilt

Sailing Boats Quilt

and finally...

Orphan sampler - Snails and Sails

We'll be whizzing them off to their new homes asap.

Many thanks to all who contributed by sending in either blocks or fabric. We appreciate your support and your encouragement to keep going and we hope to connect with you again, pretty soon.

Keep your eyes out for our next'll be on this blog in a week or so.


  1. Lovely post and quilts. Love the semicircle quilting! You're all doing a fab job.