Saturday, 14 May 2016

A rather late May block - Frame Box Blocks

I've just made the quickest block I've ever made and even better, I made it from some left over binding strips.  Really...I picked some 2 1/2 inch leftover binding strips out of my stash, measured to check I had sufficient fabric, sewed them together according to Sarah's great tutorial (I'll tell you all about it below) and -  Bob's your uncle - two blocks made in minutes!!!

I do admit mine are rather bright but those of you who follow our blog and are familiar with our quilts will know that when we sew scrappy blocks together it works!!!!!!  It never fails to amaze me what we create thanks to your support and your fab taste in fabric.

More now about this month's easy, fun, economical, modern, addictive etc etc, scrappy block.
It comes curtesy of Sarah, whose blog you will find here.  Sarah originally designed this block for Siblings Together Quilt Group and you can read all about them here. We were kindly given permission to use the tutorial and having quickly made the block I thought it would be ideal this month.  Thank you Sarah and Siblings Together.

So this is where you will find the tutorial. We are going scrappy once again and give you free rein regarding fabric choice.  We can't wait to see what you come up with.

Sarah has laid out some of her blocks and her photograph above is the result.  You can pop over here to see what she has to say about making her blocks.

We would like the blocks by the 18th June, please, and you can drop us an email if you need the address or any other information.  I hope you have fun whizzing through the block and thank you, thank you, thank you in advance.  I'll post the update on this month's Bee Blessed early next week.  I just need to take a wee photo or two!!!

Happy Sewing

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