Monday, 31 October 2016

Quick Update

The clocks have changed and it's perfect weather for sewing indoors.  Don't the trees look beautiful as the leaves go through their colour changes.

It seems my internet isn't happy moving into Autumn and is on a bit of a go-slow but it looks like it will allow me to upload some photographs today, so while the iron's hot....

Here are some quilts which we gifted since I last blogged.

This quilt was gifted to a little boy who sadly has spent the first few months of his life in hospital.  We hope and pray that he'll be home for his first Christmas with his family.

The Framed Box quilt went to its new home... did this quilt which was made from a layer cake we had received. It is a much prettier colour than the photograph suggests.

These are the final two quilts we gifted this month.

Now for what we got up to...

Thanks to Rachel, The Floral Suitcase, who kindly donated some Bee Blocks to us.   We finally got them sewn together and love this bright quilt.  Thanks, Rachel :)

The Hour Glass block quilt is bound and ready to go.  I'm loving the soft colours  We asked for two pastel blocks recently and some of us struggled to find soft colours, me included.  Bright, bold, modern prints are more to my taste but Ros was spot on when she suggested opting for pastels on this occasion.  The Woven block was another pastel choice, see below...

I've seen the same block in bright colours and this is definitely prettier.  Hilary did a great job long arming it for us.  I'll add binding this week and let you see it in its completion before it's handed over.  It's one of my favourites!!

From time to time we have a leftover orphan block but nothing goes to waste. We're now in the fortunate position of being able to make a quilt top from them.  We'll get some sashing added and let you see them soon.

And last but not least we started our first tumbler quilt.  Two charm packs came our way and it didn't take long to trim and sew them together, all ready to be completed inside this next month.

Hmmmmmm.....Did anyone spot the deliberate mistake......I called October's block November's block and have only this moment noticed it.  That's a bit worrying!!!  I can't believe the CEO didn't see that - for one - ROS!!! ;)

Anyway, October's Wonky Cross block continues to come in and are not due until 14th November, in case you fancy making one.  You can read all about the pattern here. We like to have a couple of male specific quilts on hand, should the need arise, and this is a fun block which is really quick to make. It comes courtesy of Sarah.  Thanks for allowing us to use one of your fab tutorials again.

As you can see the Wonky Crosses are piling up.  Many thanks to all who have contributed either this month or in previous months.  As always we wish to say we couldn't do it without you.

Happy Sewing


  1. Gosh you are prolific quilters!! Love the pale quilts - they work so well. X blocks in the post!!

  2. you have been busy in the bee this last month. Well done

  3. SO busy as always! Hope you remember to stop for tea in the midst of your industry!

  4. A brilliant round up! Looking forward to seeing the 'man quilt'! Jxo