Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Hard to Beat a Scrappy Pinwheel

Thanks for all your Pinwheel blocks. Don't they look fab sewn together. It's a pity that photographs in the basement, where we sew, never ever do the quilts justice. Or am I a poor photographer ;-). It's presently in a bag in my sewing room calling to me...'quilt me, quilt me'!! I'll get this blog finished and will be straight in to load it onto my longarm.  Boy do I love my longarm.

We had another new recruit this week thanks to her friend, Sarah. Welcome Jenni...I hope it's with an 'i'?  Here they both are getting stuck into the Pinwheels. Welcome and thanks for all the lovely goodies you both brought (see below). It was very kind of you to think of us. We'll put them to good use.

We got so much done on Saturday.  The Canvas Blocks are another scrappy triumph. Thanks!!! This month's block will be more gentle and if you've missed it you'll find it and all the necessary info here. Here's hoping you get a few minutes to make one for us.  We don't need them until 3rd May.

It's wonderful what a good rummage throws up. Ros is laying out the results of a black/white/grey find. She escapes the camera as often as I do but I got her!!! 

A peep at the others hard at work...thank you!!!

We've got a great charity in mind for this quilt. We made a Crossing Paths quilt before and loved it.  Minus the black carpet it will look completely different!!

Nothing goes to waste. This is the result of left-over 'Orphan Blocks'. Big thanks to Hilary for her custom longarming. It's amazing!!

We haven't forgotten the boys. Jenny - thelilaccat - donated a bundle of fat quarters and we were able to run up this hexie quilt using a pattern by Just Jude Designs.  Thanks so much Jenny.  It was a pleasure using your lovely fabric and there is enough remaining for another quilt. We have a couple of projects in mind for baby/kiddie quilts which we hope to tell you about soon.

Retro Car will be amongst the next kiddie handover :))

I think that's about all I have to tell you, apart from passing on some more thanks.  We received another amazing fabric donation.  It's beautiful fabric so thank you!!! You know who you are xx. Also, a kind lady donated some money with which we were able to buy 2 really pretty King Size quilt covers in a sale.  Would you believe they had 70 percent off!!!  An absolute bargain - trendy and cool - and the only way we can back our quilts.  From those 2 quilt covers we will back 2 complete quilts and probably use the remainder as strips to partially back 2 more.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed either this month or in previous months.  As always we wish to say we couldn't do it without you.

Happy Easter and...

Happy Sewing

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