Thursday, 31 August 2017

Time to get started again with a Twister Block

I hope you've all had a great summer.  August weather hasn't been just as warm as I'd have liked but there's always September to look forward to and it's usually more promising.  I refuse to accept the demise of summer and the movement into socks, chunky/ier cardis and boots.

You'll not be disappointed with September's block.  Once again we have Sarah over at sewmeblogspot to thank for a fab tutorial. Despite her busy work and family life she's come up with an absolute corker, once again...thank you and hugs.

You can find the tutorial for the Twister Block here along with a photograph of the quilt which inspired us.

The block is made using two colours. We would like a white or white on white background and one colour for the twist.  You will find instructions for directional and non directional prints within Sarah's tutorial and we're happy with either.  We only ask that the colours are bright and modern with no brown/ beige unless it passes as modern.  We're hoping to make a bright and cheery quilt, having seen how well the pattern lends itself to modern prints.  The blocks should be with us by Saturday 30th September, please.  Our contact details are here, should you need any further info.

We've been productive on the gifting front since I last blogged and I'll update you all after our first meeting on the 2nd September...looking forward to cake,  Ros???!!!  Ros, did you know it's written in the Bee Blessed constitutional bylaws that we need cake when we reconvene. Actually I've an abundance of ripe bananas and my son tells me I make a mean Banana Cake, so...

Back to business, we've lots of pictures of quilty loveliness to show you so stay-tuned for the next exciting instalment!

We have missed you and we hope that we can reconnect. You've been our backbone and we so hope that you can make us a block or two to continue to bless and encourage those who need to know they're remembered and not alone in varying circumstances.  We thank you in advance.

Happy Sewing  


  1. thanks for the link for this latest block, will make and post soon

  2. Love this simple and effective quilt of Sarah's. Looking forward to tomorrow. xo

  3. Glad you made one successfully from the tutorial! I have a spare one from my quilt so I'll post or pass on with J. Lovely to hear Bee news again. Oh yes, and hugs back at ya!

  4. Just seen this now . Looking forward to making this block