Saturday, 3 March 2018

Spring has sprung - though you wouldn't think so!

....and at last I have sprung into gear and conquered my fears!  Those of you who know me, will nod when I say that me and technology aren’t a happy pairing!  The car is a necessity  – the sewing machine I love but anything to do with computers I’m afraid goes to the bottom of the pile!

2018 I told myself,  was going to be a year where I tried new things and blogging is one of them!  So apologies to one and all for my late start!   I relied on Lorraine for doing anything remotely technical - oh how she is missed!

However the good news is that we’ve been pretty productive with the sewing machines in January and February and have gifted the following beauties....

These 5 little quilts were gifted to a local girl’s hostel
 for young mother's and their babies.

Love the soft colours!
Hard to beat a rail fence!

Quick & easy from a charm pack!

Bear Paw quilt - kindly donated!

Again scrappy squares hard to beat!
Quilt top kindly donated..
Beautifully long-armed...

This one was gifted to a lady who was rescued thankfully from a housefire, 
but sadly lost everything she owned including her home.

This started with a donated charm pack to make the HST's.
I call it the 'organic' quilt as it just kept growing!

Remember this – November block of the month
 has found a new home with a gentleman who is
 struggling with serious health issues and finding life pretty hard. 

It's bigger than this only I forgot to take a picture!

This beautiful quilt went to a friend of one of our Saturday Bee Blessed group,
who has recently suffered a couple of close bereavements.
Beautifully long-armed which brings the quilt alive!

NEW FOR 2018! 

CRAFT HUB - Making It Social 

This is a new group of creatives who have started to meet in
CFC Cafe Church on the Belmont Road -  on alternate Wednesdays from 10.30 am to 1 pm.

If you love anything creative - why not drop in and find out more, have a cuppa, meet new friends, learn a new skill or teach someone else a new skill.  So far we have knitters, mini workshops on origami, another on how to make hexies, a keen photographer sharing her skills in making photo-books.     A few of us from Bee Blessed have set up a block making corner - quite a productive way of working when the fabric is pre-cut!     It also introduces people outside the quilting world into the mystery of making a quilt.   One lady couldn't sew but she could iron.... oh happy days..... I was making lots of HST's and she happily sewed all my seams open for me!   Remember the old saying - many hands make light work!

Next Craft Hub  -  Wednesday 7th March.

  • March 10th 
  • April 14th 
  • May 12th
  • June 9th


First I must grovel and apologise to those who faithfully send us your lovely blocks each month. Oh how I've missed those little packets dropping through my letter box and eagerly opening them to see what beauties are inside!

I'm keeping it simple this month and giving you free rein to make any block you like.  We throw little away in Bee Blessed and have accumulated a pile of what we call 'orphan blocks'.  The time has come to make these up into a couple of quilts.... so a few more blocks wouldn't go amiss.

  • You can use any colour combination you like - either bright and scrappy or pastels.  
  • The finished block should be 12.5"
  • You can use one of our previous tutorials or a favourite of your own.
  • Or you may have 'orphan' blocks lurking around at home that you could send us.

We would like your blocks in by 7th April please.

Last but not least a big thank you to all who help us get these quilts made - to those who send us blocks monthly, to those who turn up on Saturdays to put the quilt tops together and to Lorraine and Hilary who have done so much long arm quilting.   

These quilts really do touch people at a time in their lives when it's needed.  I love how we can all use our talents to reach out to others.   Bee Blessed couldn't do it without you! 

Hey my first blog - I can only get better (Lorraine is a hard act to follow!)   Another thing ticked off my 2018 list!!

Keep warm and safe in this weather ....... and keep sewing!

Ros x


  1. I saw Judith’s Instagram sharing the Bee Blessed post and had 2 blocks that missed a previous deadline. I’ve made two more so there will be 4 white and bright blocks to come. I’ve also got an orphan block too and I can put those in the post this week. I’ve already got your address from a previous block posting.

    Pleased to see that managed a blog post, I hope you found it easier than you thought! Sue

    1. That's great Sue - thanks so much. We'll add yours to the mix to make a couple of quilts...... I love those quilts when everyone's blocks just gel together! Yes blog was easier than I thought .... so they'll be more frequent from now on....!! Happy sewing and thanks again.... Ros