Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Giving and Receiving

Two of our members, Judith and Marion, also support a fantastic charity group called Siblings Together Quilting Group, which you can read about here. Their aim is to collect 100 quilts in 2016.  In support of their work we have donated the two quilts below to this worthy cause and hope they bring a smile to the kids' faces when they receive them. Why not pop over to their blog or visit them on Instagram here.

As well as giving we also did some receiving this month.

I'm sorry I can't show you a photograph of what was donated to us last Saturday as I didn't take one!!! Oh how I wish I had a photograph of the lovely blocks and fabrics we received. My fault completely.  I will show them to you at a later date...I promise.

It doesn't mean I can't pass on our thanks.

Firstly there is Lucy who blogs here.  Go and read her blog. I assure you it would be very easy to spend an afternoon absorbed in her sewing and quilting loveliness. Thank you Lucy. We greatly appreciate your kindness.

Secondly there is Rita, whom we haven't met but hope to one day.  Thank you so much.  Your goodies will be put to good use.

Thirdly,  Marion donated and made something which I can show you a photograph of -

Whoop whoop another 'man quilt'.  Thanks Marion.  It will go to a good home.

Happy Easter 

How many times have I used the word quilt/quilts/quilted/quilting??????

We had so many quilts in need of quilting that we decided to focus on doing just that last Saturday.  Not everyone is enamoured with quilting but most of us had a go and everything that needed quilting was quilted. This is what we achieved:

The Friendship Star quilt was quilted, binding was attached and it was taken home to be finished and sent off to its new home, this week hopefully.

Our girly quilt - another one which was kindly donated last month - was quilted and is now ready for binding. Soooooo pretty and some little girl is going to love it.

Another donated quilt had some free motion quilting finished by one of our talented ladies ;-)

There are another couple of quilts - also quilted - which I forgot to photograph but they will keep for another day.

Karen made a start on a new quilt. We're making it from some more of last month's donated cache. It will look really good when it's finished.

We sorted through the beautiful Churn Dash blocks....more on them another day...

...and smiled for the camera

Happy Sewing 

What it's all about...two stories

I've been posting photographs of our latest 'man quilt' in its various forms for a while now and on Sunday it made its way to its new home.  We loved this quilt and want to show it off once again and say thanks to everyone...for the lovely blocks you made at Bee Blessed...and the lovely blocks you posted to us.  Some photographs...

Firstly, this is it over my banister

On my floorboards lol

And most importantly, here it is in its new home

Isn't it amazing how it looks 'at home'.  It's such an encouragement when we hear that it is exactly to the recipient's taste. The gentleman who received it has been having a difficult time health-wise recently and we wanted to bless and encourage him.  Both he and his wife are artistic, creative people, as is evident from their beautiful home, and the quilt hopefully reflects this. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they enjoy it. They are happy for us to use these photographs as they also want to pass on their thanks to everyone involved.  This is from their email:
'We were so touched and overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity I felt compelled to write. I used to make quilts years ago and I am very aware of the hours of work and love that goes into them. The quilt  is truly magnificent and as you can see from the pictures tailor made for our sitting room. It will be a constant reminder to us of God's love. 
May God bless your little group and the fantastic witness you give out through your creative talents. We are honoured to have received such a perfect gift, thank you so,so much.'
What can I say...their words say it all.  Thank you everyone!


We were contacted about a quilt for a little boy called Joseph who has had a difficult year with health problems and hospital visits.  We didn't have anything we felt was appropriate at the time, and had been pondering and looking at various options, but last month what we felt was the perfect quilt top was kindly donated to us.  Thank you again, Irene. Having a grandson of a similar age I know how much he would love it was a no brainer!!!


It's so cute, which is good, but what is great is that Joseph loved it.  His mum very kindly contacted us and said we could show you all these lovely photographs of her son.  I quote from her email:

'I would like to say a huge thankyou for the beautiful quilt you made for my son, Joseph.  He loves Noah's ark as he has a jigsaw of it and it put a smile on his face as it did ours. Thankyou for thinking of him, he has been very unwell for the best part of a year and little things like this make all the difference to us as a family. I have attached a few photos.'

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Joseph, and we hope this year will be better than last.

And the photographs:

I can hear you all saying 'AW'!!!  
That's what the general response was from the ladies who saw the photographs when we met last Saturday.



Tuesday, 8 March 2016

March Block - Scrappy Rail Fence

This month's block comes courtesy of Sarah and you'll find the pattern here.  We've already used a few of Sarah's blocks and find them really easy to follow and this one is no different.  It was designed as a scrap buster for Siblings Together and you can pop over here to read all about them.  Thanks to both of them for allowing us to use it this month.

Please construct your block following the layout above/Sarah's layout (below) with the top left quarter in horizontal stripes.

Sarah constructed her block in quadrants of single colour ways in varying widths, taking inspiration from this quilt. I think it's very effective and a great way to use up those scraps which have been lurking, unwanted, in the midst of our stashes.

We'd love you to help us out with a block this month.  Once you've decided on your fabric it comes together very quickly.

We would like the blocks to be with us by the 15th April, if possible.  I know Easter is in the midst of this and people have plans so here's hoping some of you can squeeze in a few minutes to make us one and, as always, we thank you in advance for your continued support.

Check out our next blog for some feedback regarding the fruits of your labour.  It is such an encouragement to hear that someone's life has been touched through what you all help us do.

If you've landed on this page for the first time and want to send us a block, our email address is here and if you drop us a line I'll give you the address for the blocks.  We meet here and you are more than welcome to join us if you can sew.  Just drop us a line if you've any queries.

I'm off to bed now to try and shake of this 'dreaded lurgy' and I'll blog the update asap.

Happy Sewing and Many Thanks