Monday, 8 May 2017

May 2017 - triangle time again!

I'm sorry but I don't know the name of this block. It was part of a quilt-along which Jeni Baker, of incolororder, ran in 2012.  Pop over to her site/blog here and have a read and a peep. You will not be disappointed!!!  I have Jeni's HST book and love it!!!

This pattern uses half-square triangles which are made by sewing together one white square and one coloured square using one of these methods:
  • The traditional method which is here (using 4"squares) or 
  • The alternative method which you can find on Sometimes Crafter's tutorial here (using 6" squares) 
The tutorial with all the measurements to make the block is here - it's the July Block

Whichever method you choose don't forget to trim your HSTs to 3 1/2"square before sewing them together 

Jeni uses 4 different fabrics plus a white background and we would like our blocks made in the same way.  We would like the background to be white or white on white and the coloured fabrics to be bright and modern, please, keeping the colour within the block from a similar colour group.

We don't need the blocks until just before we next meet on 10th if we had them by 8th June that would be fab.

Thanks in advance for your loyal support.  It is much appreciated.  I know Ros just loves getting her happy mail and I love getting the photographs of them when they arrive.

I hope you enjoy making your half-square triangles and if you've any questions please get in touch on

Happy Sewing

Saturday, 6 May 2017

May Brought Sunshine

I hope your weather is as nice as ours.  It has been a glorious week with both heat and sunshine and it's meant to continue until at least next Wednesday. Whoop Whoop!!

We're forging ahead with our quilts and there's a lot to show you.

I like to show you a photograph of each quilt in its various stages and then again at handover; hence any duplications in what you're seeing from month to month.  We're proud to show them off...

The Canvas Block quilt is finished and is a riot of colour.

That's a wee glimpse of Ros's pretty garden with half a quilt, on a sunny day.  We think it's going to its new owner this week but I promise to show you the whole quilt...

Thanks for all your Pinwheel Blocks.  We love how the finished quilt looks and it's definitely a block I'll be using myself in the not too distant future.  Stunning!!!

This quilt came together so quickly and has become Ros/Karen's speciality.  It makes short work of a Jelly Roll and there's another one on the go which we'll show you next month.

I love this little kiddy Hexi Quilt. Photographs don't do it justice.

We had received these centre blocks as part of a donation and pondered...inspiration came last week!  A Medallion...ish Quilt.  From time to time we make a quilt top which is just the right size for a wheelchair user's lap.  This is just the biz!!!

Some left over Layer Cake squares were quartered and joined a Charm Pack to make this quilt centre which will have pretty borders attached next month.

Poor Lisa was so frustrated that she didn't complete this quilt top on Saturday.  It's waiting for you on June 10th Lisa...

Another dinosaur in the works...

...and a boy's quilt in the making...

...finished by the girls and getting a good press.

And last but not least we gifted this quilt to a beautiful lady and pray for her speedy recovery.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to these quilts in any way, whether by making blocks, donating fabric, joining us monthly for some sewing and craic, or in any other way which escapes me...we couldn't do it without you.  

Last month's blocks are still coming in and we'll let you see them soon.  I hope to post this month's block in this next couple of days.

Happy Sewing

Our Pleasure...

I mentioned a while back that we had a couple of children's quilt donations pending.  Numero uno took place recently when we had the pleasure of handing over 12 quilts to a local Women's Aid Refuge - a very worthwhile charity .

Women's Aid offers a range of specialist services to women, children and young people who have experienced domestic violence and you can read more about them here. 

The beautiful quilts were very gratefully received and as well as providing a number of small kids and babies with warmth, they will let the mothers know that they are being thought of and supported by local women. 

 I'll show you some photos:

Women's Aid helps many expectant mothers or mums with very small children so it seemed a perfect group donation.  

Thank you to everyone who has helped with these quilts in any way, whether by donating fabric, sewing, quilting, binding or whatever.  It is much appreciated.

We hope to soon let you know about our next charity/destination of choice for children's quilts.

Happy Sewing

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Hard to Beat a Scrappy Pinwheel

Thanks for all your Pinwheel blocks. Don't they look fab sewn together. It's a pity that photographs in the basement, where we sew, never ever do the quilts justice. Or am I a poor photographer ;-). It's presently in a bag in my sewing room calling to me...'quilt me, quilt me'!! I'll get this blog finished and will be straight in to load it onto my longarm.  Boy do I love my longarm.

We had another new recruit this week thanks to her friend, Sarah. Welcome Jenni...I hope it's with an 'i'?  Here they both are getting stuck into the Pinwheels. Welcome and thanks for all the lovely goodies you both brought (see below). It was very kind of you to think of us. We'll put them to good use.

We got so much done on Saturday.  The Canvas Blocks are another scrappy triumph. Thanks!!! This month's block will be more gentle and if you've missed it you'll find it and all the necessary info here. Here's hoping you get a few minutes to make one for us.  We don't need them until 3rd May.

It's wonderful what a good rummage throws up. Ros is laying out the results of a black/white/grey find. She escapes the camera as often as I do but I got her!!! 

A peep at the others hard at work...thank you!!!

We've got a great charity in mind for this quilt. We made a Crossing Paths quilt before and loved it.  Minus the black carpet it will look completely different!!

Nothing goes to waste. This is the result of left-over 'Orphan Blocks'. Big thanks to Hilary for her custom longarming. It's amazing!!

We haven't forgotten the boys. Jenny - thelilaccat - donated a bundle of fat quarters and we were able to run up this hexie quilt using a pattern by Just Jude Designs.  Thanks so much Jenny.  It was a pleasure using your lovely fabric and there is enough remaining for another quilt. We have a couple of projects in mind for baby/kiddie quilts which we hope to tell you about soon.

Retro Car will be amongst the next kiddie handover :))

I think that's about all I have to tell you, apart from passing on some more thanks.  We received another amazing fabric donation.  It's beautiful fabric so thank you!!! You know who you are xx. Also, a kind lady donated some money with which we were able to buy 2 really pretty King Size quilt covers in a sale.  Would you believe they had 70 percent off!!!  An absolute bargain - trendy and cool - and the only way we can back our quilts.  From those 2 quilt covers we will back 2 complete quilts and probably use the remainder as strips to partially back 2 more.

Our heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed either this month or in previous months.  As always we wish to say we couldn't do it without you.

Happy Easter and...

Happy Sewing

April 2017 - A pretty, pastel Antique Tile Block

It's almost Easter and at times it feels like Spring...what better excuse for a pretty, pastel block.

The Antique Tile is one of my favourite blocks.  It's quick and easy, yet can look very different depending on colour choice and placement.

We're thinking patterned, soft pastels.  Pink, lemon, turquoise, soft greens, soft blues and peach etc would be our preference and we would like the centre square to be white.

Modify Tradition have a great Antique Tile Block tutorial (amongst others) which you can find here

We would like the blocks by Wednesday 3rd May please, so that we can sew them together when we meet on Saturday 6th May.  If you need any further information, clarification, or the address to post them to, just send us an email.  You'll find the email address here.

I hope you enjoy making this month's block and we look forwarding to seeing them. Thank you in advance, once again.  We really appreciate your support and we couldn't do it without you.  

So here's to some lovely Easter weather and more importantly lots of chocolate...

Happy Sewing

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Gifting and some new recruits

I promised to show you a better quality photograph of this quilt.  Here you go...and better of're seeing it with its 'Cutesy Tootsie' new owner in its new home.  Sarah is one of our former CEOs and her daughter is recovering from recent heart surgery. Recovery has been amazingly swift and the quilt was received with much excitement whilst being closely investigated (see the blurred, applauding hands in the photograph). This photograph warmed our hearts - big time - and we can't thank Sarah enough for allowing us to share it. We're praying for continued speedy recovery.

I hope you like what we made from your kind gift Katy.  

We consider 'Bee Blessed' to be everyone associated with us or contributing to us in any way, as does Sarah.  I have to share this:

Sarah writes...

"Thank you everyone at Bee Blessed for thinking of Cutsey Tootsie as she had her operation and for sending this lovely quilt for her to enjoy. I can see it being used for all sorts of rascally play! She has recovered so quickly from her heart surgery and is full of life and energy. She is such a resilient wee sprout and we are blessed by her spirit. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and for all the lovely work you do to bless families and individuals just like us with the fruits of your labour."

We also gifted these quilts inside this last month

Thanks once again to Francis Paul for completing this top and adding batting and backing etc. Also to Katy for your fabric gift.

The two Tumbler Quilts, above, have made their way to new homes in England.

It's lovely to get new recruits.  Helen and Sarah joined us this month.  Helen has been supporting us for quite a while, making blocks etc, and has recently written a lovely blog mentioning us. I know she has been trying to join us for some time now and I'm glad it happened!!! Having met Sarah at another sewing class we're delighted that she joined us and more importantly that she's a dab hand with the hoover. Hope to see you again soon ladies...

Some photos of the other happy campers...

Ros says this will be a quilt top in an afternoon...teehee...and will look like this one we made earlier...

 A little bit of gentle hand sewing

Whoops...had enough...I'm leaving...

This was completed and quilted, all ready for a new home.

That just about sums up what happened at Bee Blessed this last month.   

We have posted our current block in the previous blog and would appreciate it if you would make us one.  It just remains to thank you for your continued support.

Happy Sewing

March 2017 Block - Canvas Block

We've decided to go scrappy with this month's block which I spotted on Judith Hollies' former blog - one of our very own Bees.  She was inspired by her friend Leanne's Canvas quilt which is just fab and I really recommend you check it out here.

We are making it just as Judith suggests, using two colourways (different prints) one colourway making up the four inner squares and the other colourway making up the outer square - as below.  A word of warning...please pay attention to the layout and placement of the rectangles and squares on the outer edge as misplacement may mean resorting to the dreaded seam ripper...something we all like to avoid!!! 
We ask that you keep the colours bright and modern please.

You can find the tutorial for your unfinished 12 1/2 inch Canvas Block here.  It's a quick, fun block to make using a great tutorial.  For more colour inspiration Judith has posted some photographs of Canvas Blocks she made for a Siblings Together Quilt on Flickr.

The Canvas Block tutorial is on Judith's former blog but she has an amazing new website with all sorts of loveliness, information and inspiration which you can read and enjoy here. Big thanks to Judith for allowing us to use this.

We would like the block by 31st March please and appreciate every block you send to us. Thank you.

Happy Sewing

Monday, 6 February 2017

February 2017 get together - Ros is captured

Photograph time comes around and you can guarantee that most people hold a quilt over their face...especially our CEO...but I managed to capture Ros this time, peeping from behind a Tumbler Block Quilt.  You may have escaped last month when I wasn't there, Ros, but....gotcha and publishing you EXTRA LARGE!!!!

The Tumblers, above and below, were made from donated Charm Packs.  We're able to use most of what we receive, pulling together a few pieces from here and there and coming up with some really pretty quilts.

A kind lady donated this almost completed pink and girly quilt top - only the binding was required - and Heather quickly whizzed through that.  It's ready for its new home.

This is such an easy pattern, yet so effective and one of my favourite quilts.  I don't know if it's just me but the edges of the bricks look wavy!  Is it time to get my glasses changed?  It was handed over for gifting this week.

Lighting in the basement was very poor on Saturday.  This photograph doesn't do the above quilt can't see the beautiful longarm quilting by Hilary or the bright, funky fabric and that's frustrating.  It is ready for gifting but I'll get a better photograph to show you before then.

Big thanks to all who sent in December's Wonky Log Cabin Block.  It was a busy time of year and your participation is much appreciated.  Big thanks also to the ladies who came through last week, last minute, with the perfect number of blocks to complete the quilt.  Amazing how that happens :))))

That's about it for this month. We're trying to build up some kiddies' quilts for a special project, so hopefully next time I should be able to update you on that. 

Thanks to all those who support us in any way. The previous blog has our current block or you can click here.  We're hoping to make a fresh, modern, bright quilt...after all Spring is just round the corner.  

Happy Sewing