Friday, 8 April 2016

April Bee Blessed

I'm almost a week late with this as life got very busy and number two son made me a granny, whoop whoop!! I'm so excited and hope to fly off to see the new little family asap!!!  He's cute as a button.

We met on 2nd April and were so busy that it was only in the last few minutes that I remembered I hadn't taken any photographs, so what I have to show you was taken very quickly.  Dratt!!! I just love being able to show you what we were up to.

Would you believe that we were able to use every single Churn Dash block which you lovely people posted, within the two quilts below.  Imagine, we had the perfect number to complete two quilts.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kindness.  I know I keep saying that it's much appreciated but...we couldn't bless others without your support.  We know exactly who these will be going to and are eager to get them quilted and bound.

Excuse the lighting.  I'll show you a better photograph when it's finished.  It's much more cheery than the photograph suggests...

..It's as bright as this one, pretty.  My spare room is a sunny spot this morning and my other half can take a much better photograph than me.  I'm looking forward to quilting this next week.

We were able to hand over this quilt to be gifted to a sick little baby.  It will whizz its way off to him this week hopefully.

We worked on some more of this month's block and have received some beauties but if you have a few spare moments and want to reduce your scraps the pattern for the Scrappy Rail Fence is here.  It's curtesy of Sarah and a quick, fun block to make. You have another week before we need them so there's time to make one if you can. 

And finally.  I said I'd show you a picture of what was donated last month.

Thanks once again.

Apologies to Jenny.  I said I'd take a few photographs of us this month but I totally forgot.  I will next month and I'll post this month's (late) block today so keep an eye out!!!

Happy Sewing


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  1. Those churn dash quilts are looking fab! So fun and colourful. How great that you got enough for two big quilts. I think people really enjoy making churn dashes. Btw you are doing a fab job of this blog, such a natural written communicator. Keep up the great work.