Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Giving and Receiving

Two of our members, Judith and Marion, also support a fantastic charity group called Siblings Together Quilting Group, which you can read about here. Their aim is to collect 100 quilts in 2016.  In support of their work we have donated the two quilts below to this worthy cause and hope they bring a smile to the kids' faces when they receive them. Why not pop over to their blog or visit them on Instagram here.

As well as giving we also did some receiving this month.

I'm sorry I can't show you a photograph of what was donated to us last Saturday as I didn't take one!!! Oh how I wish I had a photograph of the lovely blocks and fabrics we received. My fault completely.  I will show them to you at a later date...I promise.

It doesn't mean I can't pass on our thanks.

Firstly there is Lucy who blogs here.  Go and read her blog. I assure you it would be very easy to spend an afternoon absorbed in her sewing and quilting loveliness. Thank you Lucy. We greatly appreciate your kindness.

Secondly there is Rita, whom we haven't met but hope to one day.  Thank you so much.  Your goodies will be put to good use.

Thirdly,  Marion donated and made something which I can show you a photograph of -

Whoop whoop another 'man quilt'.  Thanks Marion.  It will go to a good home.

Happy Easter 


  1. 3 fabulous quilts! Well done on all the great work you do!

  2. Cosy man quilt and two great donations to Siblings Together.