Saturday, 9 July 2016

Bright Spot in the Basement

We're not having much in the way of sunshine in Northern Ireland so a day sewing in the basement was the only bright spot of the week.  To think we complained about how warm it was when we had a couple of early weeks of sunshine.  Hopefully you're having better weather where you are.  I know some of the lovely folk who send us blocks are living in warmer climes, whether in the UK mainland or Europe, and we are green with envy!!

Last month I got so carried away telling you about the quilts we were gifting (the best bit) that I didn't get to show you some of our finishes.  

We managed to finish a couple of Paddington Bear quilts but we haven't yet allocated them. 

Neither does this cute, modern, kiddie quilt have a home to go to as yet.  We don't like to hear of children and babies being unwell but we do like to have some quilts ready to go should the need arise.  I'll no doubt show you another pic of them when they go to their new homes.

That sums up what I didn't show you last month.  Now onto what we did when we last met...

We have another Rail Fence almost complete but it's being quilted right now so you'll have to wait until next time to see a pic.  It's worth waiting for...

It's a long time since I've done any free motion quilting but... having convinced my hubby a year ago that a new Juki was necessary for me to do it properly, I realised that it was about time I produced something.  I took the bull by the horns, took a deep breath, tried not to hold it in for too long, put my gloves on and my foot down.  I went for it... and not half bad methinks. I'll not show you the back, as part of it is a very unforgiving solid navy.  When I gave it to one of the other ladies for binding, it was like handing over a new baby.  We know where it's going to live and it will be a joy handing it over...honestly!!!

I think I told you that we were able to make two Modified Bento Block quilts with the amazing block tutorial by filminthefridge. This is the first of them and it was gifted last Friday.  I wish I could tell you the story behind the quilt but unfortunately, as I mentioned before, circumstances are quite often such that if I were to say too much it would become obvious who the recipient is, and many times the recipients wish to remain anonymous. I can tell you that we received a text message on the Friday evening informing us that the family were cuddled under it, watching a dvd. Thank you for helping us make that possible.

This is the second Modified Bento Block quilt ready for quilting.  We were able to use everyone's blocks so I hope that you can spot yours!

The Frame Box Block quilts are progressing nicely. I get tongue-tied every time I say that!!! If I had a penny for every time Ros has corrected me when I called it the wrong thing lol.  Just as well she is very patient.  As you can see above and below, one quilt top has been sewn together and the other one is within that process.  Thank you Sarah for allowing us to use your tutorial.

I wonder if our pirate transformer and his pretty sister can spot their blocks.

And last, but not least, some of our ladies made the current block.  We're using a brilliant tutorial by Jeni Baker and you can find all the relevant information here.  If you would like to make us one we don't need them until 25th July.  
A wee word - We love to acknowledge and thank you for your blocks but sometimes we get one with no 'sender'.  We would love you to include your name/blogger name/email address, whatever,  so that we can thank you and let you know that they have arrived safely.

That's everything for now and it just remains for me to thank you for your much appreciated continued support, and wish you happy holidays, until the next time.

Happy Sewing 


  1. You are such busy bees lately, and all the outcome is fabulously scrappy and fun. There are some really lovely quilts here. I can't say Frame Box Blocks either ;-)

  2. The quilts all look amazing! Well done everyone! Jxo