Monday, 8 August 2016

Stash Busting and Leftovers

We're becoming quite skilled at using up our leftovers at Bee Blessed.  This month, as well as updates, we've two lovely quilts to show you which are made completely from the remains of fabric that was donated to us after we had used it for another quilt.  Sampler blocks are a great way to use up scraps and Ros put this one together from the remains of fabric which was donated by Trudi from Quilting Prolifically.  Why not do some stash busting and make one yourself.

This was the original quilt which we gifted recently.

You may even see some more of it amongst this month's Hour Glass block...The tutorial was by Jeni Baker and you'll find all the info concerning the tutorial here.

No doubt you'll see it popping up in future quilts.

Thanks for taking time out to make us a block this summer.  We're aware that people have holidays, kids and all sorts of plans for this 'beautiful, sunny summer weather'... and catching a minute at the sewing machine isn't always easy.  

This is another 'leftovers' quilt made by our very own 'fabric princess' ...a name which is perfectly appropriate and embraced by the young lady concerned!!!  This may even be a first for her - in terms of using up scraps!  I can't remember whose dainty fingers are peeping over the top lol.

I'm sure you remember the original quilt, which went to a little girl this weekend.  

Hope you're not fed up looking at these photographs more than once but I like to give you a feel for what we're doing.  It's special to us and you're part of it.

This quilt went to a truly inspirational lady who has been unwell for a while now but doesn't let it hold her back in any way.  We hope she enjoys it. 

We were gifted some blocks by the lovely Rachel from thefloralsuitcase and got a chance to sew them together when we last met.  Check out her blog if you haven't already done so...all the heart eyes for her makes!!!  The quilt top is soooo pretty and my photograph doesn't do it justice.  Methinks I need a decent camera!

The smaller Framed Box quilt now has a border.  

Binding is now complete on this autumnal looking quilt top.  Aargh I don't even like to mention the word autumn whilst we await summer. 

And last but not least some more leftovers, not to mention stressful pinwheel fudging, have gone into this cutie.  A princess is making it ;-)

We know where it is going and will let you see it finished and quilted.

I don't think I'll post another block until the end of the month, just before we meet at the beginning of September.  I'm sure you are all busy and I hope that you have a wonderful August.  Also, wherever you are, I hope that the sun shines for you...  Happy holidays and...thank you for all your support in whichever way you join us.

Happy Sewing


  1. The photos don't do the colours justice in these gorgeous quilts! That's the basement for you! Guilty of 'dainty fingers' here - will try to be much more industrial next time, lol! Jxo

    1. Ah your fingers!! They made me giggle. Basement lighting is very frustrating.

  2. Some beautiful quilts there . Gorgeous soft tones . The tractor pin wheel looks fun