Monday, 6 February 2017

February 2017 get together - Ros is captured

Photograph time comes around and you can guarantee that most people hold a quilt over their face...especially our CEO...but I managed to capture Ros this time, peeping from behind a Tumbler Block Quilt.  You may have escaped last month when I wasn't there, Ros, but....gotcha and publishing you EXTRA LARGE!!!!

The Tumblers, above and below, were made from donated Charm Packs.  We're able to use most of what we receive, pulling together a few pieces from here and there and coming up with some really pretty quilts.

A kind lady donated this almost completed pink and girly quilt top - only the binding was required - and Heather quickly whizzed through that.  It's ready for its new home.

This is such an easy pattern, yet so effective and one of my favourite quilts.  I don't know if it's just me but the edges of the bricks look wavy!  Is it time to get my glasses changed?  It was handed over for gifting this week.

Lighting in the basement was very poor on Saturday.  This photograph doesn't do the above quilt can't see the beautiful longarm quilting by Hilary or the bright, funky fabric and that's frustrating.  It is ready for gifting but I'll get a better photograph to show you before then.

Big thanks to all who sent in December's Wonky Log Cabin Block.  It was a busy time of year and your participation is much appreciated.  Big thanks also to the ladies who came through last week, last minute, with the perfect number of blocks to complete the quilt.  Amazing how that happens :))))

That's about it for this month. We're trying to build up some kiddies' quilts for a special project, so hopefully next time I should be able to update you on that. 

Thanks to all those who support us in any way. The previous blog has our current block or you can click here.  We're hoping to make a fresh, modern, bright quilt...after all Spring is just round the corner.  

Happy Sewing


  1. Nice to see you all, or little bits of you anyway in these photos! Some great quilts there to make people very happy

  2. You almost got Ros's beautiful face in there. Next time get the smile too! You really are steaming through finishes and getting quilts moved out and on to people who need them. I love that bright quilt with the alternating coloured bricks.