Wednesday, 8 March 2017

March 2017 Block - Canvas Block

We've decided to go scrappy with this month's block which I spotted on Judith Hollies' former blog - one of our very own Bees.  She was inspired by her friend Leanne's Canvas quilt which is just fab and I really recommend you check it out here.

We are making it just as Judith suggests, using two colourways (different prints) one colourway making up the four inner squares and the other colourway making up the outer square - as below.  A word of warning...please pay attention to the layout and placement of the rectangles and squares on the outer edge as misplacement may mean resorting to the dreaded seam ripper...something we all like to avoid!!! 
We ask that you keep the colours bright and modern please.

You can find the tutorial for your unfinished 12 1/2 inch Canvas Block here.  It's a quick, fun block to make using a great tutorial.  For more colour inspiration Judith has posted some photographs of Canvas Blocks she made for a Siblings Together Quilt on Flickr.

The Canvas Block tutorial is on Judith's former blog but she has an amazing new website with all sorts of loveliness, information and inspiration which you can read and enjoy here. Big thanks to Judith for allowing us to use this.

We would like the block by 31st March please and appreciate every block you send to us. Thank you.

Happy Sewing

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  1. liking this block, when you say 2 colourways presume that means we can use lots of fabrics for it as long as only 2 colours