Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Many thanks to all.....

Many thanks to all who support Bee Blessed in any way, whether by donating fabric, making blocks or  joining us know who you are and we appreciate you.  We received a beautiful card and message from a lady who received a quilt recently and we have her permission to publish this.  It has encouraged us and I'm sure it will encourage you too....but more importantly it touched someone's life. 

''I was sitting in the lounge feeling somewhat my jaded self these days, when a knock came on the door- the dog was barking madly and I thought.. oh great, someone selling something, but it was the postman with a huge package. I was mystified but thanked him for it and sat down and opened it.......(this was about 5 mins ago). I read your card and I felt an overwhelming joy, it made me tingle and brought tears to my eyes. This is one of the most lovely things that anyone has ever done for me. I just wrapped myself in the quilt and breathed in all the love and prayers of you all. I then dashed up the stairs of my cottage and laid the quilt out on my bed.. a couple of amazing things.. how did you know my favourite colours were turquoise and purple!!- it looked perfect against the bedspread and bed is where I spend most of my time now. I am in so much pain and discomfort and yesterday was a really really bad day, so I was hoping today would be different and I was trying to be positive...and your quilt arriving...well it felt like an affirmation that I was not alone in all of this. I would so like to thank you all. I feel so blessed by this and just wanted to say a big big thank you for this spontaneous and generous thought. I will keep this quilt always, it will always be so special to me...I can look and enjoy it every night- after reading my bible and saying my prayers which is now an integral part of my life.''

It just shows how all your individual contributions are being appreciated and how receiving one of the quilts you subscribe to can be such a huge blessing in dark days.


  1. So lovely to get feedback like that, and to see how much a quilt blesses a person. xo

  2. The power of a quilt is still quite surprising to me, and I love how the blessings of gifting, receiving, working together all work in a big circle. So lovely to share.