Friday, 8 April 2016

Modified Bento Box Block

When I saw this block online and the effect it creates when sewn together I couldn't wait to try it.  It is such a funky block, curtesy of filminthefridge and you will find the tutorial here.

My finished, untrimmed block was 16 inches.  The pattern shows the block being finally divided into quartered squares but we would like the block sent to us untrimmed and not quartered, please. It will be much easier for us to trim them before they are quartered.

We are leaving the colour choice to you once again and only ask that one of your colours is either white, cream or low volume of some sort, as above, so that it 'pops'.  Just like this.

Thank you in advance.  We don't need them until Friday 13th May so there's lots of time.  Here's hoping none of you are superstitious.

Happy Sewing 


  1. Another great scrappy block! Jxo

  2. Hi there! I have made two (that you have seen on IG). Can you let me know the address please and I'll send them on :) Thanks.