Monday, 23 May 2016

May Bee Blessed

Just a quickish update on what happened last time we met.  All photographs have been taken now and there is lots to show you.

But first and foremost Bee Blessed want to say this...

When we send the quilts to their new homes we get some amazing feedback and hear some humbling stories but unfortunately it's not always appropriate to share it online, as it may become obvious who the recipient is and they may not want to be exposed in that way.  We wish we could share all the lovely stories with you, to show you the difference you collectively make to peoples' lives by being part of Bee Blessed; by offering your support in whatever way, either by making blocks, coming to our group meetings, donating fabric, or in any other way. We want people to realise they are not alone in whatever their circumstances and somehow receiving a quilt seems to sum that up. We love being able to tell you real life stories but for now can we just say thank you!!

Remember the Churn Dash blocks?  Hard to beat a Churn Dash! This is just one of the completed quilts which will be delivered to a most deserving home tomorrow. The other one is almost ready and I'll show you it next month. Once again we had exactly the number of blocks required. I have to say this is one of my favourite blocks and I'd like to make myself a similar quilt one day but I know I'd take forever trying to choose suitable fabrics to meld together, whereas you guys get it right every time. It just 'works'!!!

You sent us sufficient Rail Fence blocks for two quilts.  Thank you!!! They are being quilted and bound at present and we have new homes in mind.  I'll show you them completed and fill you in when I next blog.  We're busy bees right now and I must say what a blessing it is to see them come together.  We really have the nicest job lovely people do the hard work and we get to put them together and drool over them!!!

A wee word - We love to acknowledge and thank you for your blocks but sometimes we get one with no 'sender'.  We would love you to include your name/blogger name/email address, whatever,  so that I can thank you and let you know that they have arrived safely.

A few of you wanted to put a face to our names so here come a couple of reluctant photographs...

This is Ros. When Judith and Sarah  felt that their time at Bee Blessed had come to an end, Ros agreed to take the reins and I said I'd give her a hand.  Those of you who kindly send your blocks to us monthly, will recognise her name.  Ros is the administrator and the CEO hahaha...she'll have my life for saying that but she doesn't know how to access the blog to change it!!!!!  

This is me...I'm Lorraine and I write the blog, do other techy bits and pieces, Instagram, emails, set the blocks etc.  We work well together and thankfully what one can't or doesn't want to do, the other one can and will.

Here is the group hard at work.  I'll take a better photograph of the lovely ladies next month and put some more names to faces.

Now that I've put that to bed here's what else we got up to.

Our Modified Bento blocks continued to come in and were so pretty that we cut into quarters or not...

...we decided to go for it and they were 'in for the chop'.  Once again we received the perfect number for two quilts..Wow isn't that amazing.  I dread ever having to leave out one of your lovely blocks. DO NOT PANIC IF YOUR BLOCK IS NOT THERE ;-).  It will be in the other quilt.
This is just a little glimpse.  We don't want to spoil the surprise too much and look forward to showing them closer to their completed loveliness, in our next blog.

This quilt, which was donated (thank you), is now completed and making its way to its new home today.  We trust it will covey our best wishes to its new owner. 

 Well, I could ramble on but I've said enough for now and look forward to chatting again.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Lovely to put names to faces. Thank you. And what power you have Lorraine if Ros can't change the blog!!!

  2. How productive everyone has been! And, what lovely quilts are the result. Real beauties there. Lovely to see you and Ros revealed - about time! Xx

  3. Great pics! You are more photogenic than you realise L! Lovely to see the progress shots of the blocks too. Jxo

  4. Lovely to see the photos to fit the names . Your featured quilts are all gorgeous, I couldn't single one out