Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Gifting and some new recruits

I promised to show you a better quality photograph of this quilt.  Here you go...and better of're seeing it with its 'Cutesy Tootsie' new owner in its new home.  Sarah is one of our former CEOs and her daughter is recovering from recent heart surgery. Recovery has been amazingly swift and the quilt was received with much excitement whilst being closely investigated (see the blurred, applauding hands in the photograph). This photograph warmed our hearts - big time - and we can't thank Sarah enough for allowing us to share it. We're praying for continued speedy recovery.

I hope you like what we made from your kind gift Katy.  

We consider 'Bee Blessed' to be everyone associated with us or contributing to us in any way, as does Sarah.  I have to share this:

Sarah writes...

"Thank you everyone at Bee Blessed for thinking of Cutsey Tootsie as she had her operation and for sending this lovely quilt for her to enjoy. I can see it being used for all sorts of rascally play! She has recovered so quickly from her heart surgery and is full of life and energy. She is such a resilient wee sprout and we are blessed by her spirit. Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and for all the lovely work you do to bless families and individuals just like us with the fruits of your labour."

We also gifted these quilts inside this last month

Thanks once again to Francis Paul for completing this top and adding batting and backing etc. Also to Katy for your fabric gift.

The two Tumbler Quilts, above, have made their way to new homes in England.

It's lovely to get new recruits.  Helen and Sarah joined us this month.  Helen has been supporting us for quite a while, making blocks etc, and has recently written a lovely blog mentioning us. I know she has been trying to join us for some time now and I'm glad it happened!!! Having met Sarah at another sewing class we're delighted that she joined us and more importantly that she's a dab hand with the hoover. Hope to see you again soon ladies...

Some photos of the other happy campers...

Ros says this will be a quilt top in an afternoon...teehee...and will look like this one we made earlier...

 A little bit of gentle hand sewing

Whoops...had enough...I'm leaving...

This was completed and quilted, all ready for a new home.

That just about sums up what happened at Bee Blessed this last month.   

We have posted our current block in the previous blog and would appreciate it if you would make us one.  It just remains to thank you for your continued support.

Happy Sewing


  1. Just goes to show how important everyone's role at bee blessed is - those who donate fabric and those who send blocks, those who stitch it all together and the hand finishing too. Amazing what we can all do together. Thank you again for the gorgeous quilt for CT and for including her in your lovely post! Xx

  2. Just reading this now . I enjoyed my afternoon, thank you for making me feel so welcome