Wednesday, 9 March 2016

How many times have I used the word quilt/quilts/quilted/quilting??????

We had so many quilts in need of quilting that we decided to focus on doing just that last Saturday.  Not everyone is enamoured with quilting but most of us had a go and everything that needed quilting was quilted. This is what we achieved:

The Friendship Star quilt was quilted, binding was attached and it was taken home to be finished and sent off to its new home, this week hopefully.

Our girly quilt - another one which was kindly donated last month - was quilted and is now ready for binding. Soooooo pretty and some little girl is going to love it.

Another donated quilt had some free motion quilting finished by one of our talented ladies ;-)

There are another couple of quilts - also quilted - which I forgot to photograph but they will keep for another day.

Karen made a start on a new quilt. We're making it from some more of last month's donated cache. It will look really good when it's finished.

We sorted through the beautiful Churn Dash blocks....more on them another day...

...and smiled for the camera

Happy Sewing 


  1. So very productive! I really love how the friendship stars have come together so nicely with those little corners to break up the negative space.

  2. These all look great - well done xxxx