Wednesday, 9 March 2016

What it's all about...two stories

I've been posting photographs of our latest 'man quilt' in its various forms for a while now and on Sunday it made its way to its new home.  We loved this quilt and want to show it off once again and say thanks to everyone...for the lovely blocks you made at Bee Blessed...and the lovely blocks you posted to us.  Some photographs...

Firstly, this is it over my banister

On my floorboards lol

And most importantly, here it is in its new home

Isn't it amazing how it looks 'at home'.  It's such an encouragement when we hear that it is exactly to the recipient's taste. The gentleman who received it has been having a difficult time health-wise recently and we wanted to bless and encourage him.  Both he and his wife are artistic, creative people, as is evident from their beautiful home, and the quilt hopefully reflects this. Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they enjoy it. They are happy for us to use these photographs as they also want to pass on their thanks to everyone involved.  This is from their email:
'We were so touched and overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity I felt compelled to write. I used to make quilts years ago and I am very aware of the hours of work and love that goes into them. The quilt  is truly magnificent and as you can see from the pictures tailor made for our sitting room. It will be a constant reminder to us of God's love. 
May God bless your little group and the fantastic witness you give out through your creative talents. We are honoured to have received such a perfect gift, thank you so,so much.'
What can I say...their words say it all.  Thank you everyone!


We were contacted about a quilt for a little boy called Joseph who has had a difficult year with health problems and hospital visits.  We didn't have anything we felt was appropriate at the time, and had been pondering and looking at various options, but last month what we felt was the perfect quilt top was kindly donated to us.  Thank you again, Irene. Having a grandson of a similar age I know how much he would love it was a no brainer!!!


It's so cute, which is good, but what is great is that Joseph loved it.  His mum very kindly contacted us and said we could show you all these lovely photographs of her son.  I quote from her email:

'I would like to say a huge thankyou for the beautiful quilt you made for my son, Joseph.  He loves Noah's ark as he has a jigsaw of it and it put a smile on his face as it did ours. Thankyou for thinking of him, he has been very unwell for the best part of a year and little things like this make all the difference to us as a family. I have attached a few photos.'

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Joseph, and we hope this year will be better than last.

And the photographs:

I can hear you all saying 'AW'!!!  
That's what the general response was from the ladies who saw the photographs when we met last Saturday.




  1. Makes it all worthwhile to know people are touched and value the thoughtfulness and prayers that go into the quilt making. Very well done!

    1. It really does Sarah. Thank you for all your support

  2. what lovely encouraging words from the recipient of the man quilt. Mind you it is absolutely stunning and in his home it looks like it's been styled for a magazine shoot!
    Oh just an idea. I'm one of your many people who send blocks. It would be great to have alongside the pics of your sew in days who is who in the pic so I can put faces to the lovely people I'm in touch with

    1. Thank you Jenny. It is stunning in its setting. Actually we were thinking about that and will definitely do it next time. We had hoped to do it last Saturday but a couple of the girls had gone home before I got around to it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Such lovely feedback! And great pics too! Jxo

  4. Never under estimate the power of small stitches.... they combine together to create great strength. Thank you for sharing where some of these beautiful quilts have gone to xxx